Anonymous: hi (: how you dewwin? i'm from monterrey, mexico. we need you :( will you come to? te amo! :*



Anonymous: Idk if you'll see this or not, but I just thought I would let you know that you are super adorable. Idk if this is really you, but if it is. You called someone last year on their birthday to wish them a happy birthday, and tell them that you would pray for them whenever they had surgery. This was the same day you were going to see your grandmother in Chattanooga because she was sick. This person was me. (: My surgery went fantastic btw, I am good as new! Now, what day was this?


Sorry this is late! Butttttttttttttttt happy birthday.

Anonymous: So are you ticklish? Do you like to be tickled or tickle other people?

I dont know… am I? ;)

Anonymous: Why don't you go on keek as much anymore? You used to chat with me all the time..i miss that

Been busy mannnnnn

Anonymous: Hey christian:)


Anonymous: a real fan would know that you're not christian. i'm not mad at the fact that you're impersonating him, it's just that there are dedicated beadles babes on here pouring their hearts out in these messages, and you lead them on thinking that you're actually christian. christian is so much more than the replies you put on here and i hope you realize that you're fooling a bunch of beadles babes with this entire lie.

Anonymous: it's been my first time on your blog, and i've seen the messages people send you and your replies. a real fan would know that youre not christian, and a real fan would know not to waste their time on you. you can do whatever you want on here, but i think that you're just disgracing christian and his beadles babes. he is so much more than who you pretend to be. bye

Anonymous: Are you the real Christian Beadles? :)xx

krism98: Are you seriously Christian Beadles?

Anonymous: How tall are you, babe? x

5’6 (;

sun-and-the-stars: Oh so you do blush! nope, i dont believe you. Too manly enough for blushing. xD

Aha, I’ll just messin around xD

randomvolleyball7: Christian please respond it would mean a lot ... You make me smile


dankantr: are you the real christian beadles?


Anonymous: are you the real christian beadles/

Anon! ^_^

Anonymous: How are you?

I’m fine. wbu? xD